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Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Personalized Wedding Ceremony
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Congratulations, this is your day! Begin it with a personalized wedding ceremony that radiates the love you share. Tender Spirit Ministries will assist you in creating your own sacred and meaningful ceremony. Formal or informal, your wedding will reflect your own expressions of love for one another. We respect and honor all religious and spiritual traditions and the beautiful ways each tradition emphasizes different aspects of the mystical interaction with our Creator. Rev. Kathy looks forward to meeting you and providing you with the vows and sacred ritual you have always dreamt of having on your wedding day. We want your special day to be filled with wonder and awe. The first step is your wedding ceremony itself and then all that follows will be filled with love and excitement.We are blessed to service all who come to us with open hearts and the desire to become partners for life in love and respect for one another. We will come to you at your home, the beach, a church, or a gathering places all are beautiful and your day will be one to remember for all who come to share your joy and happiness. Your price is $300.00 for the ceremony plus travel expenses. Please contact us today to reserve your date at 508-245-2860 or
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I was skeptical, basically a non-believer in this type of approach or therapy. After just one session , I felt a life’s worth of burden, guilt, fear and anger lifted off my shoulders…I am alive again. Thank you so very much for your help Dr. Gayoski” L.P. South Dartmouth, MA “Kathy you have awaked something inside of me that I can’t describe. There is a lightness of some kind. All I know is that it feels good. I’m working on removing more of those bricks. It’s no longer a wall but there still is a pile that I have to step over. It’s not as overwhelming like it was.” Susan, Long Island, NY

“Kathy, the queen of no nonsense. Loving and the touch of magic and healing.” Elise, Amherst, MA

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