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Sessions in Your Home

Sessions in Your Home

Sessions in Your Home
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Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden will come to your home, if necessary, to provide you with holistic counsel , Reiki, energy work and essential oil sessions if you cannot come to us. We provide you with home based counseling and energy work within the safety of your home. Your ability to receive healing energy where you are is what is most important. We are located in Southeastern Massachusetts, USA and we can travel to you. The energy exchange is $75.00 per hour plus travel expenses. Please call us to set your appointment up today at 508-245-2860 or email us at We look forward to serving you with grace, ease and respect.
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I was skeptical, basically a non-believer in this type of approach or therapy. After just one session , I felt a life’s worth of burden, guilt, fear and anger lifted off my shoulders…I am alive again. Thank you so very much for your help Dr. Gayoski” L.P. South Dartmouth, MA “Kathy you have awaked something inside of me that I can’t describe. There is a lightness of some kind. All I know is that it feels good. I’m working on removing more of those bricks. It’s no longer a wall but there still is a pile that I have to step over. It’s not as overwhelming like it was.” Susan, Long Island, NY

“Kathy, the queen of no nonsense. Loving and the touch of magic and healing.” Elise, Amherst, MA

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