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Grandfather Quartz Crystal Sphere

Grandfather Quartz Crystal Sphere

Grandfather Quartz Crystal Sphere
Grandfather Sphere MeasurementIlluminated by SunlightIlliminated by Spotlight
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This is a wondrous 23 pound clear quartz crystal sphere. It has illuminating shutes and message plates for working light magic. in multiple dimentions. It has been with Eagle Feathers for many years now and is awaiting its keeper. It has been in numerous grids and matrixes for the highest good of all concerned. Scrying within will take you to other dementions in which your spirit will soar and you soul will resound with the magic. The message plates and rainbows wih this crystal sphere will delight the avid gazer and bring you within the realms of fairies and emits energies in all spheres and realms. Eagle Feathers has been honored to use this crystal sphere in healings around the universes and now it is ready to come to you, its Keeper, to work Light Magic with you in this time and place all the while it continues to draw energies for the Altantian Isle from whence it came many years ago. This magical sphere wants you to take it into your practice today for the energy exchange of $3,675.00 . Plus shipping and handling at your additional cost.
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I was skeptical, basically a non-believer in this type of approach or therapy. After just one session , I felt a life’s worth of burden, guilt, fear and anger lifted off my shoulders…I am alive again. Thank you so very much for your help Dr. Gayoski” L.P. South Dartmouth, MA “Kathy you have awaked something inside of me that I can’t describe. There is a lightness of some kind. All I know is that it feels good. I’m working on removing more of those bricks. It’s no longer a wall but there still is a pile that I have to step over. It’s not as overwhelming like it was.” Susan, Long Island, NY

“Kathy, the queen of no nonsense. Loving and the touch of magic and healing.” Elise, Amherst, MA

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