Holistic Counseling and Meditation

ASAT C.O.R.E. counseling is a counsel process which observes a client’s situation through the lens of metaphysics, and not orthodox psychology, thus allowing a greater depth and range of understanding and eventual healing can be experienced through an oracle of ancient approaches. In ASAT C.O.R.E. Counseling, more emphasis is placed on changing the foundation of the concern rather than fixing it.

As you learn more about the different parts of your life experiences, you can exercise your ownership to the issues that come up and need to be dealt with by listening to your soul and confronting your shadow and light sides face to face. The joy of healing yourself rests in the part of you that is ready to live life to the fullest with freedom, ease, abundance, love, and grounded enchantment.
The metaphysics of the session begins as soon as one enters the room and sits in counsel with Dr. Kathy. Together, through ancient intuitive guidance, the deeper truth will arise and will determine what is “up” for that session. Each and every session is discovered by what is up at that moment and is ready to be healed. As one explores the current issues, true light will be shed upon the more real foundation underneath. This allows one to have conscious ownership, retrieval, release, and engagement in the real truth and not the false imposed upon beliefs taught through cultural, traumas or upbringing, thereby, changing the resonance of the energy pattern that is holding the events in ones life leading up to, and the current event itself. This type of counsel is powerful and can even affect the sequel to all present, future, and past lifetimes that have joined in the resonance currently being worked with.

Kathy is a gifted healer who is willing to honor and walk along ones sacred path to assist them in finding their energetic pearls of wisdom™ that lie deep in their subconscious and trapped in the energy web and pathways. Through the use of ancient techniques, ASAT C.O.R.E counseling, energy work, and meditation, all lead one to a greater understanding of themselves and the universe that surrounds them, therefore, releasing these energetic pearls of wisdom™ and allowing one to re awaken to their real true self.

Dr. Kathy chooses to call these pockets of energy energetic pearls of wisdom™ because just like a grain of sand within an oyster that over time will form a beautiful pearl, you too, over time have formed a protective coating on your energy of sand. Together we can unearth it to see its beauty, its hidden wisdom and value, then release it for the highest good of all concerned.

The oyster did not need the grain of sand, but thankfully, beauty is in the beholder of the wisdom it contains. They come in all shades of the rainbow and all sizes. So too, do your energetic pearls of wisdom™. These grains are all beautiful pearls within you to assist or hinder your journey. Now is the time you remove and examine your grains of sand, your irritants, and reap the wisdom to continue on your life, fully engage and be able to live your life to its fullest potential.

This type of ASAT C.O.R.E. Counseling is not for everyone. Working in synergy with all aspects of a lifetime can at times be overwhelming. At times this process may seem to be going nowhere, while all the long one is going through the backdoor to find the “boys in the backroom”, archetypes, Higher Self, and others who are there to assist or appear to be able to impede your growth, freedom, and healing. All parts of one are wonderful when viewed with a multi-dimensional sight and insight.

Some need assistance to change their energy vibration from just dark or light, negative or positive, but like a battery has a negative and positive voltage; so do everyone’s energy types need balance. Once one understands the dark without fear, with you holding the keys to your life, growth and healing will begin to occur. Ying and Yang, dark and light, both are necessary and wonderful for one to reach their highest potential. It is a wonderful and sometime magical journey. There is hard work, fun work and yes, homework all there for you and only you to partake in the bountiful table that is set before you to live in, to excel with and to live in enchantment and fun.

The sacred space, and resonance that Dr. Kathy holds, allows one to open new doors and windows. She offers people a gentle direction, teaching and guiding one in how to be the mapmaker of new ways of looking and feeling life. There are many avenues to pursue,
each one offering many ancient ways of paying attention to balance. Balance and Grounding are necessities in living life to its fullest. One must be rooted in Mother Earth and not floating around the Universes searching for the perfect answers to the questions that come up in living life. It is this rootedness that brought you back to live on Mother Earth during this time of great change and energetic shifting. It was your choice to come back and to share in these wondrous experiences of love and being human. Being human is at times challenging. There are trials and tribulations that come along with being human. The choice is yours for the one who walks through Kathy’s doors. She will be there to walk the sacred journey with you. Committing not to her, but to your Self, to awaken or reawaken to the more real of you, to the truth of being human and fully alive.

Counseling sessions end with a meditation that is given to one as a gift to their subconscious, the place of the more real, where ancient and wonderful shifts and healings continue taking place. It is in the subconscious, in the subtle space of knowing, that transformation begins and awakens to the surface; when shifts and changes are achievable.

This is the place where the mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit can freely soar above the clouds, reaching new heights and remembering to live the life the Soul came here to live out in this lifetime. This is a place where one’s Soul Purpose can be lived out with dignity and in harmony with all of Creation; this is your birthright, your Soul’s truth of being.

The endless passage to wholeness brings one through the hoops of exploration and introspection. It is there in these places of silence and screaming terror, that one perhaps for the first time, is able to truly express their deepest emotions and motion energies that may frighten some, whereas Dr. Kathy encourages and blesses these moments in time when time and space stand still and mystical miracles occur.

“Rev. Dr. Kathy has taught me how to save my own life. Traditional therapists I felt I had outgrown. Psychologists were still more interested in analyzing than working deeper into the healing. And the Psychiatrist just wanted to maintain me on meds. This not only numbed me out to the real of myself, but made the job of other professionals look successful because I was numbed out to the world. This worked for a while but when the meds started affecting my health, and more were added by my regular doctor to help the side effects, my body and spirit started to excel in dying.

It is worth saying that on top of this I was seeing alternative practitioners of all types who would send me off with a promise or hope that they could heal me. I would have died years ago if it were not for the many ways they helped my body or did basic energy work. My diet changed my awareness of herbs and vitamins grew and became a way of life. I’ve been cracked, realigned, re balanced with all sorts of techniques, purged, flushed, cleansed, and prayed for health and sound mind all over the world by different healers. Truly I have been blessed.

It was not until I saw Dr. Kathy that a different type of healing really started to occur within my spirit and body. When I met her she reminded me of the ancient Inuit’s of Alaska, the sacred Aborigine in Australia, the monks in the mountains of Taiwan, and the Hopi in Arizona all slapped together in one essence with the non ego and tough sides of Mother Theresa. It’s an odd mixture indeed, but this best describes the person Dr. Kathy. When asked to write a testimonial on her I thought how she is not about one thing that helped me, but an embodiment of being ness that was quietly teaching me.

Dr. Kathy’s way of counsel is ancient, never afraid of the deep dark secret caverns in our lives and is much grounded in what the enchantment is. Her energy work is far more mature than any certificate or degree could credit her with or claim to have taught her. Her knowingness of medicinal oils along with her born gift of intuitive working with the soul, spirit, mind, heart and body can only be described as refreshingly honorable with an ancient musk to all her sessions. She was not out to save me, she was simply willing to walk the path and all its truths and turns with me. The walk is a quiet whisper, not a power point ten step healing process. All the false beliefs, culture and family programming showed up in our counsel and combined energy work. Dr Kathy has taught me how to feel the real truth of my being, the essence of what I was before I was born onto this world. She has awakened the primal knowledge already within me, and taught me how to see this myself and not to depend on her. Because of this I have chosen and can stay off all my meds that earlier just numbed out and veiled all my pain, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I would recommend Dr Kathy to anyone in need of growth, in any kind of pain, and is willing to walk the path to see their truth.”

J. Franklin Newport, RI.

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