The Seasons of Your Health

The Seasons of Your Health provide you with ways to view your own physical health as a reflection of your subconscious mind, from physical ailments to fatigue. You are your own “inner healer.” Kathy can assist you to reveal what really matters in healing (physical, emotional/mental, or esoteric/spiritual healing) and to provide you with the tools to help you to holistically work toward healing your true inner Being, in a “to do” valued worshiped world.

Looking at one’s self through the eye of an emotional/physical epidemiologist, a sort of Sherlock Holmes of origin, one can unveil the dark clouds of the emotional connection between physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual soul illnesses. Exploring the emotional underpinning, one can begin to understand where the original energy seed came from and how to begin peeling away the layers of baggage that are there to release. By looking at ones life through the lens of this “magnifying glass”, one is able to see the tiniest dust particles that are sometimes the most important to open because they hold false belief resonance patterns upon which all others stack. If the underpinning is off balance, then it is easy to see why the entire foundation will become unsteady, fragile and open to disarray and possible collapse.

Seasons of Your Health provides the client the opportunity to take control of the reins and gently and holistically guide the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit into oneness to harness the synergy of energies to bring about a healing state from which all else can flow. This is not a curing, although this may become a byproduct of the work because if one recognizes where changes can happen, shifts begin to occur. Chronic or life threatening illness can be a place of deep sacredness and grace. Exploring the whys and why nots can drive one crazy. The client is doing nothing wrong. They are not bad and paying back karma from a past or present life. Sometimes illness is just that: illness. One is challenged to let go of their egos. Working in synergy with all one’s parts to get into balance can bring about great shifts and open ancient gates to inner sacred healings.

Changing one’s diet, water intake, exercise, a holistic approach to life, (esoteric/spiritual healing to unravel the issues of emotional/mind and heart) can create the re awakening, or more awaking process to move the frequencies for deeper healing to happen. Do not become attached to the outcome, because it is always totally different then what one ever imagines. That is the mystery in any type of work one does with loving intent.
Imagination can change and transmit energy.

How it is used to accomplish the change is where the magic and magnificence comes in.

Be open and aware of transformation. One may not feel the beautiful butterfly in their imagination at the present time of vessel challenges. However, the beauty will be internal and eternal for the highest good of all concerned to re awaken one into remembering they are sourced in Oneness. Our souls are always healing. It just may not look that way to others. Dr. Kathy can guide one and re awaken the silent whisper of the many seasons of life.

“Dr. Kathy is a wonderful intuitive healer. Her work with oils and crystals is purely magical. She has really helped me when my diverticulosis has flared up. I am convinced she has kept me from having to have surgery.” Barbara Lawrence, Nurse Practitioner

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