Reiki Treatments

Reiki is an ancient and sacred healing art that creates a deeply meditative healing experience for body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. One receives Reiki fully clothed through a series of gentle, yet powerful hand placements and symbols which create energetic effects. Tension, stress, and pain melt away under the warm and nurturing energy of the Reiki Master. Minor and major meridian systems of the body receive concentrated life force energy enhancing the body’s inherent power to heal. Physical, emotional/mental, and esoteric spiritual are reconnected so the state of equilibrium is re-established. This is a practice recommended for any state of healing headaches to heartaches.

Reiki is perhaps the most commonly recognized form of energy healing technique in the United States. “Reiki” is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”. The founder of Reiki is Dr. Mikao Usui, a minister in the mid-nineteenth century in Japan. The form of Reiki energy work has opened up the door to energy healing in many Universities for those interested in helping other people.

Dr. Kathy has been doing energy work since she was a child. Her Reiki Master Teacher Degree was an enhancement with all the other ancient energy teachings she has received in her life work. Whether you would like Reiki done solely or combine it with other techniques in which to hear your soul’s messages inherent is your decision. It will be provided to you in a safe and supportive environment for your journey. When you visit Dr. Kathy she understands that sometimes we just want the subtle gentle energies to smooth us out after a hard day, or to compliment a great day of celebration to come, or to just relax.

The ancient within Dr. Kathy honors all areas of healing with grace.
Reiki and Energy Medicine Classes are available.

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