Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression can assist you in discovering influences from past lives that are presently bumping into your present lifetime as a recurring pattern. Past life regression provides you with tools and insights to aid you in living your present lifetime to its fullest and providing needed healing to past lifetimes. Past life regression is done through active meditation in a safe and sacred environment which allows one to gain insight and respect for past life experiences, energies and patterns, some of which need to be changed, shifted, embraced or redirected.

The past life regression technique used by Dr. Kathy at Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden will not bring you a place of grandeur status, but will bring into focus a grandeur way of living in this lifetime with the help of the past. One can also heal past wounds, past energy blocks and breakages and reweave the web to a place prior to the event taking place by removing the soul from the past traumatic event and allow the ancient soul one to witness the event in the third person, thereby removing them for the burden of reliving the pain once again. We can learn from the past, witnessing the deeper message. We do not need to relive the trauma nor the consequence that follows to heal.

Clients tell Dr. Kathy they always experience a great sense of relief as if a momentous shift of peace has occurred deep within them. Healing our souls and past lives is truly a sacred experience when done safely and honorably. Kathy uses Divine Ancient Guidance to direct all her sessions along with her years of studies and experience.

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