Parenting: Unraveling the Old Tapestry

Reweaving the Threads Counseling

This unique way of preparing for your child’s arrival will provide you more rewards than you can ever imagine. This parenting class is like no other because you first need to parent yourself to stop repeating unhealthy patterns of behavior that you have brought with you into this new and wonderful experience.

More often than not, parents do the best they can in a situation. At times these are not the best decisions, especially when abuse, abandonment, poor parenting, or role modeling has been the norm of your upbringing. You have the choice now as an adult, before you become a parent to your child to change, improve, disregard or embrace any and all preconceived notions of what a good and loving parent can be.

There are simple yet profound questions that the parent or parents need to answer alone and prior to the five office visits that will be attended before your baby’s arrival.

These questions will assist you in uncovering where you may agree or disagree before the problem arises. Do not share your answers with one another because together, we will go over the questions and sit in counsel with one another to help you to become the parent you want to be and can offer for your child, instead of the fantasy.

• First you need to know the repeating energy patterns in order to change them.
• Work with yourself and your partner to recognize familial patterns that you would like to break, change or reweave.
• You do not have to parent the way you were brought up. Yet many, unconsciously, still find themselves repeating beliefs cultural, generational, and internally.
• Gift yourself and your children with a new way of being the best parent you can be.
• Love yourself enough to care about your family, the future generation, and cherish the beauty that will be yours to share together.

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