CranioSacral Therapy ™
The CranioSacral system is one of many independent and dependent rhythmic systems of the body; others you may know more of are the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

“The craniosacral system consists of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. It extends from the bones of the skull, face and mouth, which make up the cranium, down to the sacrum, or tailbone area.

Since this vital system influences the development and performance of the brain and spinal cord, an imbalance or restriction in it could potentially cause any number of sensory, motor or neurological disabilities. These problems could include chronic pain, eye difficulties, scoliosis, motor-coordination impairments, learning disabilities and other health challenges.

“CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle method of detection and correction that encourage your own natural healing mechanisms to dissipate these negative effects of stress on your central nervous system. You also benefit from better overall health and resistance to disease.” The Upledger Institute, Inc.

Dr. Kathy’s deep sensitive touch locates blocks in the CranioSacral System consisting of the cerebral spinal fluid that surrounds the central nervous system and brain. Then, through gentle manipulation of the bones, fascia and membranes, restrictions are eased and all systems move more freely. This profound technique is helpful in numerous conditions, including but not limited to: stress reduction, migraines, headaches, TMJ, ADHD, chronic and acute pain, arthritis, memory loss, spinal cord injuries, whiplash, cerebral palsy, autism, ear infections, and depression.

While relaxing on the table, different techniques are used while the client is fully clothed to release fascia impediments and release trapped energy pockets and restrictions. Kathy’s sacred ways of knowing, combined with clinical studies, offers you a unique experience of release and thus bringing you toward healing, releasing old patterns and engaging in your own life and its direction.

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