Crone Ceremony

A Crone Ceremony honors womyn who no longer bleed. This is a celebration of great wisdom and sharing with others. Many womyn can recognize the spiritual stages of maiden or mother, but avoid thinking about old age and the crone stage. There is a great loss and no room for the vision of dignity, wisdom and grace actually embodied in this stage of our evolution.

This is a time when we can sit back to interpret and provide inner insight and wisdom to our events, surroundings and dreams that come our way.

We gather as womyn young and old to share our stories and proclaim our power; viewed as a passage, an extraordinary journey that comes only with age. The ritual is a beautiful, moving and life changing ceremony that honors who you are in your wisdom years. Our younger “Moonies”, as we like to call them, take wonderful care of us wise crones as do other crones within our circle.

As womyn move into the Crone Energy, we can no longer ignore our inner world; swallow our truth, ignore our wants and needs. Our bodies won’t let us. Our path takes on a new meaning and a degree of importance with grace for ourselves and our globe. May the fire of your Being rise to the surface and push you to proclaim your truth. With a gentleness and acceptance that comes from knowing and loving yourself, embrace and celebrate your entire crone year’s ahead and live life to its fullest filled with love, wisdom, compassion, grace, and fun.

Crone Ceremonies always add depth and richness to your life. Even if you have already been Croned, it is good to meet once a year to reconnect, share with elder crones, and celebrate the new crones entering this stage also.

Call for our next Crone Ceremony females of all ages are welcome.

Free to be me, supported by my sisters!

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