Sedona Creative Life Center

Our Third Womyn's Circle Vortex Quest  with Dr. Kathy Gayoski presented by Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden

OCTOBER 7-11, 2010

Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden for Holistic Healing presents a  Womyn's Circle Vortex Quest, in beautiful Sedona, AZ. Come and let your spirit soar within the beauty of the Red Rocks on this mystical Vortex Quest.

  • You will spend time at the beautiful and meditative Sedona Creative Life Center and go to the only place on Mother Earth that you can have fun, heal and be the wild womyn you came here to be in the presence of four sacred vortex energies.
  • Your personal vortex guides will provide you with vortex education, ways for finding and feeling power points, and ways to absorb and bring this harmony wherever you go and stay rooted.
  • We will share ancient tribal legends and traditions including the medicine wheel, healing rituals, and fun.
  • You will experience an environment which will deepen your personal growth and enhance your mind, body, spirit, heart and soul with insight and humor.
  • You will have individual guidance throughout your vortex quest. This promises to be a life changing journey for inner growth, truth and self exploration.

This retreat quest supports women to return home to their life quest.

Are you at a crossroad in your life?

Would you like to create a life filled with enchantment, happiness and loving kindness?

Do you choose to embrace and awaken deeper into your own wisdom, truth, love and inner power?

The cost is $650 for the Quest, if paid in full by August 1, the cost is $550.

Otherwise, a non-refundable deposit of $325 must be received no later than August 15.

20 Contact hours are available. 

You are responsible for your own lodging, food, airfare and fun extras.  We also have suggestions for places to stay while you are in Sedona if you are interested.

Please send your non-refundable deposit in a postal money order or credit card to: Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden, Rev. Dr. Kathy Gayoski, 191 Main Street, Suite 214, Wareham, MA 02571.

Please contact us with any questions at 508-245-2860 or, please fill out the contact us form on our web site. Additional information will be mailed to you upon completed registration.

The retreat size is limited for quality and safety.

Rev. Dr. Kathy Gayoski

  • Years of study with Navajo, Hopi Tibetan and other Tribal Healers
  • Doctorate in C.O.R.E. Education
  • Certified Holistic Heath Counselor & Educator
  • MA in Psychology and Religion
  • Advanced Energy Specialist & Crystal Healer
  • Metaphysician and Reiki Master Teacher
  • Bereavement Specialist & Educator
  • Over 39 years experience in the Healing Arts National Lecturer on Holistic Healing & Bereavement
  • Member of the American Society of Alternative Therapists

Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden
Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden's mission is to provide alternative and holistic counseling with healing modalities that will touch your mind, body, heart, soul and spirit which can reawaken the sacred radiance within by connecting you to universal truth, love, light and wisdom. It is our belief that there is a mystical interaction within the Divine Universe that can offer you gifts to assist you while working on issues of the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit that are in need of healing. Thus, leading you towards Oneness with yourself and your Creator.

Vortex Quest Itinerary

Day One:
Thursday, October 7: You will be arriving in Sedona prior to our first of many beautiful sunset experiences. The dazzling red rocks will come to life reflecting and retracting a light show beyond your wildest dreams and your personal transformation will have just begun. You may rent a car or take the shuttle from the airport. We suggest that you make your own arrangements for lodging at the Sky Range Lodge which is located high atop Airport Vortex. You will have a breathtaking overlook vista of the red rock formations that come to life during sunrise and sunset. You will be high above Sedona for your added relaxation and times of quiet reflection. You will also be greeted by beautiful gardens, a pool and hot tub for you to also enjoy as you reflect on your journeys. We will meet for dinner after you have been able to settle into your accommodations at 6 pm, for those who are already in Sedona some of you will be arriving later and we will meet you on  Friday morning. We will begin to share our stories with one another and adjust to the wonderful place you will call home for the next few days and a lifetime therafter. Please be advised that you will be living at 4000 plus feet above sea level. You will need to increase your water intake to one gallon or more daily, due to the heat, elevation and desert conditions. You will also be hiking on trails so please dress and wear the appropriate boot wear and clothing.

Day 2:
Friday,  October 8: We will start our first of many days at the Sedona Creative Life Center with a magnificent view of the sacred Sedona red rocks. The center is a beautiful space for meditation and wisdom sharing. We will begin today with an opening ritual of our circle. We will be sending blessings to all of Creation, to the sacredness of our Circle and to our journey into the psycho-spiritual, emotional and physical connections of ourselves and Mother Earth. You will be given a gift this morning from the circle's altar to bring with you to each vortex.

Today we will embark on our first exploration of what a vortex is, how it is formed, how to find one, how to recognize and how to receive its energy. You will also commence on rediscovering the vortex within you and how a vortex can interface with your own growth and spiritual enhancement.

We will be spending from 10am-12pm at the center, breaking for lunch and relaxation until 2:30pm at which time we will meet and go to Cathedral Rock at Moon Crescent Ranch to begin your first vortex experience. Cathedral Rock is a wonderland of beauty. You will be walking beside Oak Creek which helped to form Oak Creek Canyon. The waters of Oak Creek are said to hold healing powers as do each of the power points. You will be opening up to new vistas and going deeply within as you spend time among the red rocks using techniques taught to you, some that you brought with you and new ones shared on the rocks. There will be plenty of time for wandering through the woods and reflecting by the creek under the shadow of Cathedral Rock's majesty. For the brave of heart you may also dip into the cold waters of Oak Creek for an adventure you will not soon forget or an astonishing basking in the radiant warmth of the Sun's glow. We will also listen to a tale or two to deepen and enhance your reflection time here at Cathedral Rock Vortex. Sunset will bring you to a new understanding of yourself and your feminine side. We will be staying at Cathedral Rock until after sunset so that you will be able to experience vortex energy at its strongest point, that of sunset, the other at sunrise.

Day 3:
Saturday, October 9: We will meet again at the Center from 10am-12pm. Today we will explore the masculine side of our energy. We will discuss the chakra system and how our energy fields can merge with vortex energy. We will also explore the healing power of the Native American Medicine Wheel and how we can use them to assist in our healing process to attain our fullest potential.

We will again break at noon for lunch, shopping or relaxation. We will leave for Airport Vortex at 3 pm. Airport Vortex will allow you to explore your masculine side. We will be there again until after sunset. There are two points to climb at this vortex which may be physically challenging for some of you. Your guides know the area well and we will take it slow and easy for your comfort, staying on the paths provided. The view and experience promises to be one that will live in your heart and soul for all eternity. We will be using our morning teachings to enhance our time at this vortex. Each and every vortex is a new experience and each time you are blessed with its energy your life is changed. You will be able to see and feel the energy at this point and view numerous other vortex sites from this advantage point.

Day 4:
Sunday, October 10: We will meet again at the Center from 10am-12pm. Today our meeting at the center will be a merging and balancing of our masculine and feminine sides. This will be accomplished in many ways: through story, meditation and by our visit to Boynton Canyon Vortex, also known as Kachina Woman. We will again break at noon for lunch, shopping or relaxation. We will get back together at 2:30pm today for our trip out to Boynton Canyon. This is the most difficult trek you will undertake with us. The steady uphill climb will bring you to a place of wonder, awe and freedom. We will sit high atop the rocks overlooking the valley of the soul, where the ancient shaman's walk after their journey to the other side. This vortex will bring your masculine and feminine into a place of balance. Boynton Canyon is also a sacred valley where ancient Native American energy roams free. Kachina Woman will bring you to a place of solitude, spiritual growth and harmony. We will be spending time together and in personal reflection, meditation, introspection and a time for rebirthing work. You may have the added delight of seeing wild life roaming down in the valley amongst the trees and the natural beauty.

Day 5:
Monday,  October 11: Today we will meet once again for a final visit to the Center. Our morning will begin with a meditation and a tale of adventure. We will explore how vortex energy can be taken home with us and how it lives within each and every one of us and all of Creation. We will visit our last vortex today at 2:30pm, that of Bell Rock. You will remember that Bell Rock welcomed you to your Quest earlier this week and at Airport Vortex. Today you will explore the energy of Bell Rock which is very powerful and strengthens all three parts: the masculine side, the feminine side and the balance. We will again spend sunset at Bell Rock. It is our hope that you will have found balance in your life and that your journey upon this womyn quest will enrich you now and forever.

The cost is $650 for the quest itself, plus airfare, lodging and meals. If paid in full by August 1, 2010 the cost is $550 for the quest.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Kathy for extreme situations. 

I will attempt to make arrangements with you, remember that this is your investment in your lifetime, begin to live it with FUN and excitement woven with healing love.

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