Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden: Dr. Kathy Gayoski

“Steven and Whitney Tully originally saw Kathy for meditation. But Steve was diabetic, suffered neck and back pain, and eventually had surgery on his neck. The 42 year old veteran of Desert Storm found conventional medicine unable to stop his pain. “After my neck surgery, I couldn’t move,” remembers Steve. “Kathy lightly worked on the muscle and started getting some flow back in the area. She did neck massage and crystal work, and got things moving again.” Steve had some reservations about alternative care, but pain relief was his bottom line. “I didn’t carte if I had to stand on my head to take the pain away. There’s a world of treatment out there aside from just going to a doctor and getting a pill. I have ruptured disks in my neck and back. Western medicine throws painkillers at it. They weren’t working.” Dr.Gayoski did for Steve what conventional treatments couldn’t. Gayoski’s knowledge base and services are far too exhaustive to list. Besides massage and crystals, she also uses medicinal essential oils, such as lavender and valor, on different parts of the body. “I can put them on your back and your feet. They can be taken internally or placed on your body. They go to the brain in seconds, releasing ‘energies’ and emotional patterns that are stuck.” SOCO™ Magazine April 2006

“Dr. Kathy Gayoski has witnessed firsthand the aftermath of some of the most newsworthy mass tragedies of the last 20 years. A registered nurse, holistic health counselor, and bereavement specialist, Gayoski has worked with victims of the Egyptian Air Crash, the September 11th terror attacks, the West Warwick Station nightclub fire, and many other noted homicides, to name a few. And she regularly counsels the victims of all manner of physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual and psychological abuse. Having such an up-close view of the effects of terror, tragedy, and abuse, Gayoski has had to come to grips with the human capacity to wound and destroy. On the flip side, she is routinely awed by the power within people to heal and overcome.” SCLN 2004

“I am thankful for having Kathy Mary Gayoski in my life. She was a great help and spiritual during the time that my granddaughter, Jenny Lee Perkins, was shoot and died. I am thankful for the love and encouragement that Kathy gave me during that time. And also during the time my husband, Wally Miranda, got sick with deadly lung cancer for two years. She conducted the funeral services in memory of Jenny and Wally. I love her with all my heart and soul. I encourage to anyone who needs some spiritual healing and grief counseling to see Kathy.” Mary Miranda, RN, Cape Cod, MA

“Dr. Kathy is a wonderful intuitive healer. Her work with oils and crystals is purely magical. She has really helped me when my diverticulosis has flared up. I am convinced she has kept me form having to have surgery.” Barbara Lawrence Nurse Practitioner

“Rev. Dr. Kathy has taught me how to save my own life. Traditional therapists I felt I had outgrown. Psychologists were still more interested in analyzing than working deeper into the healing. And the Psychiatrist just wanted to maintain me on meds. This not only numbed me out to the real of myself, but made the job of other professionals look successful because I was numbed out to the world. This worked for awhile but when the meds started affecting my health, and more were added by my regular doctor to help the side effects, my body and spirit started to excel in dying.

It is worth saying that on top of this I was seeing alternative practitioners of all types who would send me off with a promise or hope that they could heal me. I would have died years ago if it were not for the many ways they helped my body or did basic energy work. My diet changed my awareness of herbs and vitamins grew and became a way of life. I’ve been cracked, realigned, re balanced with all sorts of techniques, purged, flushed, cleansed, and prayed for health and sound mind all over the world by different healers. Truly I have been blessed.

It was not until I saw Dr. Kathy that a different type of healing really started to occur within my spirit and body. When I met her she reminded me of the ancient Inuit’s of Alaska, the sacred Aborigine in Australia, the monks in the mountains of Taiwan, and the Hopi in Arizona all slapped together in one essence with the non ego and tough sides of Mother Theresa. It’s an odd mixture indeed, but this best describes the person Dr. Kathy. When asked to write a testimonial on her I thought how, she is not about one thing that helped me, but an embodiment of being ness that was quietly teaching me.

Dr. Kathy’s way of counsel is ancient, never afraid of the deep dark secret caverns in our lives and is much grounded in what the enchantment is. Her energy work is far more mature than any certificate or degree could credit her with or claim to have taught her. Her knowingness of medicinal oils along with her born gift of intuitive working with the soul, spirit, mind, heart and body can only be described as refreshingly honorable with an ancient musk to all her sessions. She was not out to save me, she was simply willing to walk the path and all its truths and turns with me. The walk is a quite whisper, not a power point ten step healing process. All the false beliefs, culture and family programming showed up in our counsel and combined energy work. Dr Kathy has taught me how to feel the real truth of my being, the essence of what I was before I was born onto this world. She has awakened the primal knowledge already within me, and taught me how to see this myself and not to depend on her. Because of this I have chosen and can stay off all my meds that earlier just numbed out and veiled all my pain, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I would recommend Dr Kathy to anyone in need of growth, in any kind of pain, and is willing to walk the path to see their truth.” J. Franklin Newport, RI.

In 1997 I took myself to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. It wasn't until a few months and many tests later that I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Panic Attacks. So now what, I thought? Medication? Counseling? Both? I tried medication for a few months and didn't find relief. I continued to have panic attacks that limited my ability to do all the things that I used to do daily without thinking twice about them. I avoided going anywhere without a friend. I avoided long drives. I avoided going anywhere that I had not been before, any place that was not familiar. It wasn't until 8 years later that I realized I could no longer do this on my own. I needed some help and I needed to get back to living. My sister suggested that I reach out to Dr. Kathy Gayoski, a Metaphysician and Reiki Master Teacher to see if she could help me. I called Kathy this past summer and we set up a meeting. After a few sessions with Kathy I could really feel the difference. I was amazed. No more pains in my chest. No more dizziness. I am doing things that I have not done in years, and it feels great! –
Colleen, Boston, MA

“I was skeptical, basically a non-believer in this type of approach or therapy. After just one session , I felt a life’s worth of burden, guilt, fear and anger lifted off my shoulders…I am alive again. Thank you so very much for your help Dr. Gayoski” L.P. South Dartmouth, MA

“Kathy you have awaked something inside of me that I can’t describe. There is a lightness of some kind. All I know is that it feels good. I’m working on removing more of those bricks. It’s no longer a wall but there still is a pile that I have to step over. It’s not as overwhelming like it was.” Susan, Long Island, NY

“For me the most precious gift. I feel so great and I know this will be with me through the next months before and after my gastric bypass surgery. This was a blessing, thank you.” Claudia, Upstate, NY

“Kathy, the queen of no nonsense. Loving and the touch of magic and healing.” Elise, Amherst, MA

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