Drumming Circles
Drumming Circle

Why Drumming?

First, there is the simple fact that drumming is fun. Drumming captures the heart of most who encounter it. Drum circles are all over the world, in cities, in small towns, for men only or women only or open to all.        People from all walks of life have embraced drumming.

Drumming also has powerful physiological effects, by increasing ones heart rate and blood flow, decreasing tension, anxiety and depression. There are also more subtle effects. Drumming synchronizes the brains two hemispheres. Drumming engages both the linear, rational left brain and the creative, intuitive right brain. The two brain hemispheres often emanate different wave frequencies and drumming brings them into synchronization, which is experienced as an opening of consciousness.

Drumming also directly links humans with the vibration of Mother Earth by slowing the brain waves to eight cycles per second, the same frequency as the planet. Drumming heals the human energy field; it energizes and clears the chakras, healing many aspects of human beingness. The bottom line is that drumming makes you feel good.

Drumming allows people to open to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. They intuitively feel its potential change them, though they do not always consciously understand it.

People become more at one with each other, more whole. The junk starts to fall away. People become more honest on a soul level, and can unfold and fly; thus creating catalyst for personal healing and transformation.

There is a universal quality to drumming. This drumming circle values diversity, honesty, self expression and growth while honoring the interconnection of all things. The drumming circle not only transforms and heals the individual but also the community and the planet.

The ancient art of drumming circles raises the energy level for the highest good of all. Please join us once a month. Dates and times are posted below. We ask that you bring a small food to share to assist us in grounding after our wonderful drum. We also ask for a $5 donation to assist us to purchase needed supplies. Reach into the pulse, it is fun. There is no worrying about your performance. This is a womyn’s drumming circle only. We welcome all womyn into our circle. Contact us for the time and location.



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