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Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden's logo is called a "sigel"

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A sigel is an expression of harmony and spirtual connection to all of creation and the universes. A sigel is also a visual symbol comprised of multiple images of the unconscious painted by the conscious, therefor, making it more real in its manifestation. It is our hope that our sigel will fill your heart with love, light, truth and wisdom.


The colors of the sigel represent the colors of the seven major chakras.

Chakras is translated from Hindu meaning
"wheel of spinning energey".

  • They are aligned along our spine, outside of the physical body normally 4 inches away.
  • As one increases their vibrational rate, the chakra extends further out in all directions or less if not working properly.
  • They spin with one of the vibrations of the rainbow.
  • They vibrate at their own musical note.
  • They spin clockwise when they are working properly.
The Colors:
  1. Chakra / Crown / Violet / White/ The right to know.
  2. Chakra / Third Eye / indigo / The right to see.
  3. Chakra / Throat / Blue / The right to speak and hear truth, communication.
  4. Chakra / Heart / Green / The right to love and be loved.
  5. Chakra / Solar Plex / Yellow / The right to act enables us to use our will / feelings & emotions.
  6. Chakra / Spleen / Orange / The right to be in a relationship with others / Intimacy and letting go.
  7. Chakra / Root / Red / The right to be here, grounding and security.

What is essential to life is invisible to the eye. The physical is exhaustible, the spiritual is eternal.

Here is the break down of what each shape,color and line means.

The Shapes:
  • The Eagle represents power, protection and the element of spirit.
  • The Tree represents being rooted, wisdom and the elemt of earth.
  • The Feathers represent the windand the element of air.
  • The Ripples in the feathers represent the element of water.
  • The Eye represents the sun and the element of fire.
  • The Figures the surround the inner circle represent masculine, feminine and the balance of unity energies soul and spirit.
The Lines & Angles:
  • The Straight or Verticle Line ( | ) represents immediate spiritual power and the upward movement of a spiritual path through life and it represents the Mother Earth Spirit.
  • The "V" Pionting to the Left( < ) signifies a respectful attitude indicating a person's ability to accept responsibility and respond.
  • The "V" Pionting to the Right ( > ) represents the power of grateful acceptance and the acceptance of truth.
  • The Upright "V"( v ) signifies creative ideas and the power of the spirtit with its ability to deliberate, to think idependently, and use its inteligence positively. this is the holy point of view.
  • The Upside-down "V" ( ^ ) represents the power of truth.
  • The "U"refers to the healing through spiritual growth and that old wounds can be healed through gratitude.
  • The Upside-down "U" ( ) represents the power of influence. *

* These symbol definitions are compiled from Symbols of Native America, by Heike Owusu.

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