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Eagle Feathers was founded by Rev. Dr. Kathy Gayoski in 2002. Kathy is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, with a Doctorate of C.O.R.E. Education from Elfinstone College of C.O.R.E. Studies and is an active Member of the American Society of Alternative Therapists. Kathy has also trained with the Upledger Institute in CranioSacral Therapy. Kathy received a Master of Arts in Psychology and Religion from Andover Newton Theological School and is an ordained interfaith minister. Kathy is a credentialed trainer for the National Organization for Victim Assistance, NOVA, training for community response to disasters, acts of violence and terrorism. In 1997, she founded Tender Spirit Ministries honoring different religious and cultural traditions of spirituality from ancient Egyptian, Goddess, to ardent Christian, new schools of thought; and ultimately Native American, to medicine womyn and men of the plains, jungles, and forests of different spiritual cultures and generations.

 Kathy has walked and studied the ancient sacred manner ways of healing all her life and she is a spiritual healer. Kathy is always on her life path of continued learning with many different cultural elders around the world and of Native Traditions including the Hopi, Navajo Medicine People, and also other tribes. Kathy honors the sacredness of these tribes and herself, therefore, she chooses not to exploit their tribal names in the United States and throughout the globe.

Kathy lives the sacred journey of spiritual depth, integrity, strength, and balance intertwined with the modern day demands in today’s century. She is an international and national lecturer on energy vibrational medicine, holistic health techniques. She facilitates others to explore the timeless themes of human existence eloquently while giving counsel and insight into situations and events that provide obstacles trying to detour our souls path. Kathy is also a recognized lecturer on trauma and terrorism. Her experience is invaluable, and she is available to speak at upcoming events, given advance notice. Under certain circumstances, she can make herself available immediately, understanding how our souls and life events are at times under their own seasonable schedule.

Kathy has over forty years in the medical field as a registered nurse, working in the fields of physical and mental rehabilitation and epidemiology. She was also the director of counseling for all homicides and hate crimes in southeastern Massachusetts for over five years. Presently working in private practice as well as working as a mental health counselor for Seven Hills Behavioral Health specializing in substance abuse, grief and loss, anger issues and generalized mental health issues providing a holistic approach to care. Kathy works with victims of national and international disasters and acts of terrorism, working closely with international agencies and the families they served providing immediate comfort as a metaphysician, minister, and grief counselor.





holistic health, essential oil, crystals, mediatation, body work, native american, reiki, prayer, counseling, ceremonies

Dr. Kathy’s healing gifts are honored where rich and poor alike come for help. Kathy’s diverse studies allow her to explore and unite ancient traditions and modern science that reflect approaches to the same basic understanding, yet journey to empower you to achieve your highest potential on your life’s quest. “The Intersection of the World’s Great Spiritual Wisdoms is not a point, it’s a healing and a way of living in your souls truth.” Ah Ho.

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    Rev. Dr. Kathy Gayoski’s books currently in process:

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  • The Spiritual Oracle™
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