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Holistic Care

Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden’s mission is to provide alternative and holistic counseling with a holistic practitioner and holistic wellness with healing modalities that will touch your mind, body, heart, soul and spirit which will reawaken the sacred radiance within by connecting you to universal truth, love, light and wisdom. Get information about our holistic treatment and holistic remedies. You are sure to love learning about our holistic care today.

It is our belief that there is a mystical interaction within the Divine Universe that can offer you gifts to assist you while working on issues of the physical, emotional/mental, or esoteric spiritual that are in need of healing. Thus, leading you towards Oneness and balance with your truer self and your Creator.

holistic health, essential oil, crystals, mediatation, body work, native american, reiki, prayer, counseling, ceremoniesTogether we will work in counsel to allow you to unravel the issues of both heart and mind to transport the sunken treasures within your soul for personal growth, deeper realms of self-empowerment, balance, joy, freedom, and prosperity. While providing you with the environment to safely explore less traveled pathways that can lead you to places of wonder and awe. Some of these processes are never easy, yet the vision of your truer center always leads to a deeper healing within the harmony of the continent of your heartland. Gathering personal power requires dedication, focus, courage and conscious will. You will learn ways in which you can work at home through sacred meditations and other taught techniques to enhance your sessions.

Dr. Kathy Gayoski is dedicated to guide you in your willingness to do ancient counseling. Her studies have enhanced various types of counsel with metaphysics, charged quartz crystals, pure medicinal essential oils, and CranioSacral therapy among other ancient ways in the world of sages, shamans and medicine woman as your journey of counsel calls for these techniques. All sessions are tailor made to your individual needs.

holistic health, essential oil, crystals, mediatation, body work, native american, reiki, prayer, counseling, ceremonies

Kathy offers you opportunities of infinite horizons where you learn to become the mapmaker while here in your time on earth. This isnot to be confused with controlling your life; change is always happening. You are the artist with all the hues of the rainbow at your fingertips. Dip in, begin your canvas and soar to wondrous heights and depths to enter the relationship of quiet healing and awakening. Reunite with wisdoms that nurture, nourish, and feed your soul and spirit which form a foundation to walk your path of life honorably, without toxic shame or blame.

Through combined ways of sacred counsel, meditation, advanced energy work, medicinal essential oils, and CranioSacral Therapy, Kathy will assist you to hear the voice that needs to be heard to reach your fullest potential with grace and honor upon your personal spiritual path. Eagle Feathers Healing Arts Garden is just that; a garden of minds, bodies, hearts, souls and spirits that act in unison to assist your tilling and sowing in your own garden of life to re-awaken or enhance the beauty and wonders that are there for the reaping.

holistic health, essential oil, crystals, mediatation, body work, native american, reiki, prayer, counseling, ceremonies

We are fee for service, choosing not to accept any insurance. Eagle Feathers has chosen to provide you with the opportunity and benefit of paying by MasterCard or Visa if this is helpful for you. We understand that your time is precious to you, as it is to us. Therefore, we ask that you be committed to the process, keeping your appointments. Payments are to be made prior to the session beginning. Experience the magic working in your life to bring you into wholeness by changing the foundation of the problem rather than simply quick fixing it temporarily.

When other therapies have left you wanting more, this unique combination of holistic counseling and healing modalities can assist you to become the mapmaker of your own destiny, giving you the tools of transformation.


I sparkled and glowed the moment I decided to come back in human form.
What has happened to my Divine radiant essence of being that was there at my entering anew?
I became lost so many years ago from the trials and tribulations of life.
Tattered and tarnished, I am still beautiful at the core of my essence.
Can I ever find that spirit of oneness and glowing again?
Yes, of course you can, it is your right and your destiny.
Open yourself up to the healing that has always been there just for you.
Transform me into the person I came here to be.
Bring me into the sacred arms of the Divine Universal Light so I can heal.
I want to laugh, I want to live and I want enchantment back into my life. © KMG

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